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My name is Lukas Meili and I'm a young software developer from Switzerland. I attend an informatics school in Winterthur where I learn to program. Coding is my passion and I enjoy the almost limitless possiblities of the modern art of programming.

My interest for informatics and technology was already present from a very young age. Unlike my mother and father, who both work as gardeners, I've developed a strong connection to computers. I can still remember getting my first Nintendo DS for Christmas and the controversy that came with it because of my parents.

In 2012, after I grew out of my DS, I helped my parents in their gardening business so that I was able to afford a "Raspberry Pi B" which was one of the first versions to ever come out. I experienced many "firsts" with my Pi. I did many small projects, for example setting it up as a NAS or even an Owncloud storage. I believe I even installed a Minecraft server on it once. It didn't take long until I realised that a singlecore CPU with 512MB RAM wasn't enough for most of my projects.

This is when I got my first "real" computer. I thought it would be smart to buy a notebook for playing games... Never have I been so wrong... Anyway, having more power under the hood did help me a lot. Due to my interests in games, I quickly became curious on what's behind. I started building my own mods with templates from the internet. This was one of my first real contacts with the coding environment. I knew immediately that coding was what I wantet to do.

After elementary school I started to look for an apprenticeship but I discoverd that there were only positions for "System-Informatics". However, that wasn't what I wanted. I wanted to implement my own code and create my own software solutions. This is when I came across the informatics school that I'm currently attending. I learn to code and they hand me the tools I need to realise my own projects.

And this is where I am now. To complete my education in the informatics school, I now have to do a one year internship and I'm ready to do that. I feel that school has brought me far but if want to achieve more, I have to experience the "real world scenario" and get into contact with experienced people.

Computers develop fast, but I try to keep up with the rapid evolution. My goal is to become a leading figure in this field and contribute something to this progress.

If you have any questions regarding me or any of my projects, feel free to contact me with the following contact form or send an email directly to lukas@amapolis.com.

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