created: We 11/6/2018 0:0
last update: Sat 16/1/2019 23:0

Amapolis is so much more than my personal website. I’ve been working on this project a lot lately and I’m quite proud of how it turned out. This all started when I rented my first virtual server. I just wanted to try new things and so I bought a “1-Euro-a-month-virtual-root-server”. Obviously, I knew that this server wouldn’t be enough for my tasks, so I quickly switched to this current server.

This server runs quite a few programs. This very website for example runs on NodeJS with Nginx as a proxy. But Nginx is configured a bit differently. It was important to me to be able to run PHP scripts which I still need sometimes (for example, some server requests for Thingify were written in PHP). So I configured Nginx that if there’s a PHP file, it will favour it and otherwise it will redirect the request to Node which I manage with PM2. Sustainability was a big part of designing this website. My goal was to have a site that lasted longer so that I wouldn’t have to worry about reworking it soon. For example, every project has its own entry in a MySQL database where I can change it entirely or add a new project. The whole navigation, footer and project overview is automatically generated, even allowing “Sub-Projects” which will be displayed under the specific navigation point.

I also installed a mail server with Dovecote, Postifx, RSPAMD (as a spam filter software) and Postfixadmin for managing the mailboxes. But you can also find Roundcube and Nextcloud on this server. I use Nextcloud as a practical backup solution so that I always have access to my files from everywhere. You can find the code for this website on my GitHub page.