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created: Thu 21/11/2017 17:29
last update: We 30/4/2018 18:43

Thingify is a Spotify add-on for Android. It allows you to manage your Spotify playlists from everywhere, even your lock screen. This app will connect to the public Spotify API and download your playlist information. You select some of your playlists in the app which you want to manage. You can only select playlists that you own. When you start playing a song in your Spotify app, Thingify will send a new notification. This notification displays all previously selected playlists with their associated image from Spotify and whether the currently played song is already on it or not. You can add or remove the song with a simple press on the specific playlist icon. Thingify also works offline and will update your playlist as soon as your device reconnects with the internet.

From the developer

Thingify was probably my first bigger project. This is version 2 or 3, depending on how you count. I started this app from a very young age. I just started programming and didn’t really have a clue of what I was doing. Eventually my code got so messy that I decided to rework the whole app. I'm still not fully satisfied with it and I want to rework it again. I want to make it cross-platform too. Unfortunately, I must keep the Git-repository private because it contains sensible data and keys to some of my accounts. But feel free to download my app from the Play Store, but make sure you’ve already installed the Spotify app first.